Life Is Better When You Have Hope
Life Is Better When You Have Hope

Creating Opportunity Through Education

Vocational trainings provided by our team of experts.

Life Coaching

The boys create resumes, get a professional headshot, and participate in experiences designed to get them ready for the business world. Additionally we help then build a positive mindset for sucess.

Office Skills

Careers require the type of training these boys often miss out on. They receive hands on the latest technology with expert training in the Microsoft Office Suite.


Career explorations include Robotics and introductions to coding and 3D art.

It's just amazing the way incarceration has become a high profit money making enterprise. Consequently, more and more of our economically disadvantaged youth are finding their way into the system. When they get out, they are behind on their educations and often re-enter society without the skills they need to get and stay on track. This program is about redirecting their futures, giving them skills they need for higher paying jobs, helping them build their resumes and become employable. In the long haul, this is good for everyone. By creating a new path away from prison and toward sucess we build stronger and safer communities. Kids who were once a drain on the system become contributors to society. It's a win-win.



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